Lyng Dal Family


Lyng Dal is a small family owned restaurant, where the family also is living.

The family counts Kristin and Nicolaj and their 3 sons and a daughter – Victor, Noah ,Oskar and Nellie plus Kristin`s sister Anita. Together they have a common passion and big interest in being good hosts as well as serving tasty food and wine in balanced harmony.


Nicolaj: Kristin`s partner. Was born and grew up in Grauballe. He is a trained cook and has been selfemployed for 8 years. Before that he worked as a chef in various restaurants.


Anita: Was born and grew up in Gjern, has lived in Silkeborg and Aarhus. She is a trained cook, sommelier and waitress achieving a silver medal. She has won bronze, silver and gold (2011) medals at the Danish Championship for waitresses.


Kristin: Was born and grew up in Gjern, has lived in Silkeborg. She is a trained waitress achieving a silver medal at her finishing exam. She is also a sommelier (winespecialist ) from The Wine and Spirit Education Trust. Has been selfemployed for 4 years and is also working as a teacher.


Nicolaj Gadebæk Pedersen

Anita Kajhøj Ibsen

Kristin Kajhøj Ibsen