Lyng Dal Evening Menu

                                            served between 17.30 and 21.00

In the evenings we have in the restaurant 2 menu´s to choose from.

A classical menu consisting of 3 courses.
A seasonal menu consisting of 5 courses.

You can of course combine the menu`s. These menu`s vary according to the seasons.


                             Main meal    220 DKK         Wine menu

                             2 courses      295 DKK            175 DKK

                             3 courses      350 DKK            250 DKK

                             4 courses      395 DKK            325 DKK

                             5 courses      440 DKK            395 DKK


You can also choose the whole lot. ” All of it and a bit more”.
Champagne and snacks – 5 courses and wine menu accordingly – coffee and petit fours

                                                    Price 950 DKK

                                 We also have menu`s for children.